We value our patients' experience at Balance Therapeutic Massage & Core Fitness Studio. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Lisa Bourlon


  • "I found Lisa through my OHSU Pain Center doctor and my work with her has become an essential and integral part of my physical therapy and overall well-being. If it were not for Lisa and my Chiropractor, I would be caught in inertia of pain restriction. I am grateful to them both for helping me to be an active mother, teacher and citizen."
    Kassie H.
  • "Tessa is a great massage therapist. Her hands and way of massage are very vivid and competent. She is always helpful and willing to suggest stretches and other activities that could help better the outcome of the massage. She clearly works closely with the other team members at their clinic and is always well informed about the current issues. She is very attentive and friendly. She takes the time to figure out the specific needs for each injury. She is a wonderful professional."
  • "Lisa Bourlon is the best massage therapist I’ve been to, ever! She is professional and comfortable to be around. She has been able to release tight muscles that others have struggled with. With her knowledge and expertise she was able to quickly assess and pinpoint trigger points to release the stubborn knots in my back. I walked out a couple of times so relaxed I felt like I was walking on air."
    Bruce M.
  • "If you need real deep tissue massage, David is your guy! But what really makes him good is the ability to focus on areas you ask him to work on rather than wandering around like many do. His knowledge of the shoulder and his work is exceptional. I highly recommend David."
    Cory V.
  • "I went in for a specific problem, muscles so tight in my neck that I was getting horrible headaches. When I left after just 30 minutes, the tightness was significantly reduced and the headaches gone. I went back a few more times and I was cured!"
    Rachel D.

Core Fitness

  • "I am new to Pilates and was a little unsure as to how I would do with it. Brandi relieved all my fears, was very patient and never pushed me farther than was comfortable. Her cheerful disposition is always appreciated and I am now to the point where I look forward to each and every class. I would highly recommend Brandi as a Pilates Instructor. She is very knowledgeable about the body and how it moves and is able to push just enough to get noticeable results. I am one of her biggest fans!"
    Sally H.
  • "After having my first child, I was looking for some form of exercise to help speed my recovery. My mom suggested Pilates so I thought I would give it a go. Right away my muscle separation nearly vanished and I was feeling stronger all over. An unexpected benefit was getting to work with Emily! She is a natural teacher and seems to know just how hard I can work and when I’ve reached my limit. Even after an exhausting workday, I look forward to Pilates with Emily, and without fail, when our session is over, I go home feeling happy and energized."
    Cynthia P.
  • "I highly recommend Brandi as a Pilates Instructor…Brandi always conducts herself in a very personable and professional manner. She brings her smile and kind nature to clients of all ages. Her knowledge of the body and biomechanics is excellent. Brandi is a gifted instructor and an avid student of Pilates and fitness."
    Candice C.

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