Balance Therapeutic Massage + Core Fitness Studio acknowledges the differences between therapeutic massage and relaxation massage. Depending on your goals, both are very beneficial. Our philosophy is to integrate the two types of therapy to optimize the overall effects of your massage and help you find your balance.


Muscle tension and discomfort can often lodge themselves in one’s body, creating imbalances that can become very painful over time. This type of massage is focused on reduction of pain and is typically focused on the area of the clients concern using a series of strokes, kneading and percussion to increase circulation and promote tissue relaxation to the muscles. We focus on deep breathing and working into and through your discomfort, however, you can trust that you will not be pushed beyond what is comfortable and therapeutic.


If you want to come to your session and simply melt away, this is the treatment for you. A wellness massage will typically be a full-body treatment, integrating the muscle groups with one another and using a light to moderate, energetically engaging pressure. You can expect a serene, peaceful environment where you can turn the world off, release your stress and focus inward. We use a variety of techniques to promote relaxation, increase circulation of the blood and lymphatic system and decrease mental and physical fatigue.


Whiplash and other injuries resulting from a car accident, as well as acute or chronic workplace injuries are unique and require specific treatment. A Recovery Treatment is a medical, outcome-based massage, which uses very specific treatment protocols targeted to the specific problem areas(s), and under a physician’s prescription. The Licensed Massage Therapists at Balance have been trained in manual therapy techniques, such as Neuromuscular Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial release, controlled stretching and hydrotherapy, which can prevent your body from becoming more aggravated by treatment and help heal these injuries. It is possible to be free of the pain. We are here to help.

Being involved in a car accident can be a devastating experience. We also know that there can be a lot of confusion and stress surrounding the billing process when dealing with a car accident. If you have been injured in a car accident in Oregon you are entitled to a minimum of $15,000 in medical care. Every insured driver in Oregon carries a plan called the Personal Injury Protection, known as PIP. This means that even if you are not medically insured, you can get the care you need after an accident. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to address any of your questions or concerns. To streamline your recovery process, we bill your insurance or attorney directly, with no out of pocket expense to you. We want you to focus on your rehabilitation, and getting back to your balanced life.


Massage is an exceptional remedy for many of the common ailments associated with pregnancy. During pregnancy the hormone Relaxin loosens and opens a woman’s joints in preparation for labor. These hormonal changes, along with the shift in center of gravity caused by the growing baby, can create a range of conditions, from general aches and pains to debilitating nerve entrapment. Pregnancy also increases the fluids in a woman’s body by roughly 30%, which can result in swelling, edema and joint discomfort. Massage eases these symptoms by increasing circulation and draining lymphatic stagnation. Massage can be a profound comfort during this transitional time, both physically and emotionally.


Mothers have been practicing the art of infant massage for centuries, and recorded history of the practice of infant massage has been found amongst many different cultures around the globe. It is only in the past 30 years that this practice has begun to appear in the western world, and is now supported by a growing body of evidence-based research. This bonding activity between parent and child involves stroking the muscles of an infant, using simple and effective massage techniques. Vocalization, eye contact, skin contact and other positive behavioral reinforcements are important components of the technique. We believe that all babies should be massaged, touched and loved to promote their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. Balance’s Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) conducts periodic workshops for parents and expectant parents, empowering them to practice this powerful method of infant care. For information on the next available workshop please phone reception.

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