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  • Get a Summer Body with Pilates
    If you’ve never participated in a Pilates program, you might wonder how this practice will help you to achieve a toned and trim summer body. Here are just a few Read more
  • Pilates and Back Pain
    Pilates exercises are commonplace at physical therapy centers, chiropractors are recommending Pilates, and “My back used to hurt all the time and now I don’t feel it anymore” is a Read more
  • What Is the Difference Between Pilates & Stott Pilates?
    The Pilates method of exercise was developed in Germany in the early 20th century. There has been almost 100 years of research since the original technique was created, but Pilates Read more
  • Pilates for Teens – A New Trend?
    Is your teen not interested in physical activities or exercising? Is your teen bored with his regular workout and wants to try something new? Well, if you can relate your Read more
  • Free Special Pilates Workshop This Saturday!
    Balance Massage & Core Fitness Studio invites you to join a FREE special Pilates class Empower Yourself to Decrease Neck Pain & Headaches this Saturday, March 28th 12:30 – 1:30PM!! Read more
  • Pilates Exercises During Pregnancy
    Trimester-specific Pilates workouts that will keep you limber and strong for pregnancy and new motherhood. Miraculous changes happen to your body in each trimester of your pregnancy — but each phase Read more
  • Pilates for Ballet Dancers
    Case Study A customized routine helps a 15-year-old with back pain to rise above this challenge.I came to Pilates from the world of ballet. When I was 27, I looked for Read more
  • 6 Surprising Health Benefits of Massage Therapy
    Sure, it can help you relax. But massage therapy can do much more than that. Here are six healthy reasons to book an appointment today!By Katharine Watts It counteracts all that Read more
  • Study Finds Pilates Helps Low-Back Pain Sufferers More than Other Therapies
    Low-back pain is the most common cause of job-related disability in the United States, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Odds are, you’re among the sufferers Read more
  • Heal Your Body With Pilates
    Balance Massage and Fitness offers a “Healing Through Pilates” class Thursday, March 12th from 5:30PM – 6:20PM. Sign up today! Heal Your Body With PilatesPilates can heal your body, as this instructor Read more
  • Ready for some serious body sculpting?
    Balance Massage and Core Fitness, a premiere Pilates and fitness studio located in Hillsboro, OR, offers Total Barre™ and Ballet Barre classes! You may be thinking, what exactly is Barre Read more
  • Spring-Clean Your Diet
    Fruits and vegetables taste best and are healthiest when just harvested. Find out which spring foods to cook with for a healthy diet of seasonal food. By Beth W. OrensteinMedically reviewed Read more
  • Benefits of Deep Breathing
    Deep breathing is an essential part of Pilates exercise. And not just a big inhale, but also when you make a conscious effort to exhale fully, getting rid of every Read more
  • Healthy Foods to Eat for Brain Power
    These natural brain foods can boost concentration and performance. You have a big presentation to give in 15 minutes. But suddenly, you’re so tired and unfocused you have a hard time Read more
  • What's the Best Time to Exercise?
    Experts offer tips on finding the best time of day for your workout. Some people swear by a 6 a.m. jog to get their hearts racing and get them psyched up Read more
  • All About Zumba Class!
    Dance Your Way to FitnessBy Jennifer Walters You’ve probably heard of the fitness craze Zumba, a workout known as a dance fitness party. I originally tried Zumba with a friend by Read more

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