• How Pilates Benefits Runners
    How Pilates Benefits Runners Pilates ought to be part of an injured runner’s rehabilitative regimen. Here’s why. By Elena Sonnino The benefits of cross-training for runners have long been touted as a necessity to Read more
  • Adhesive Capsulitis
    Adhesive Capsulitis a.k.a ‘Frozen Shoulder’ is a condition that effects the health and agility of the shoulder joint. The symptoms include stiffening of the joint, decreased range of motion, searing pain, Read more
  • Pilates Exercises for Osteoporosis
    Pilates is an exercise technique that conditions the entire body and can help build bone and muscle strength. You can learn Pilates by taking classes or on your own. You’ve probably Read more
  • Pilates in pregnancy
    What is pilates? Pilates trains your body to be strong, flexible and balanced. It involves a series of movements and positions that help to improve your strength and coordination. Deep breathing Read more
  • Three Ways Pilates Can Make Your Life Better
    We all know Pilates can help you look your best, but the benefits of adding Pilates to your workout routine go beyond being able to fit into your skinny jeans. Read more
  • Benefits of Massage Following a Motor Vehicle Accident
    Car Accident Recovery | Benefits of Massage Following a car accident our muscles and ligaments throughout our spine get irritated and damaged. This creates a postural change that eventually leads early Read more
  • Plank Your Way To Better Abs With These 5 Variations
    Plank Your Way to Better Abs With These 5 Variations The traditional ab plank is one of the all-around best ab exercises for developing a svelte midsection, a strong core, and Read more
  • Pilates: Great Exercise for New Mothers
    Pilates: Great Exercise for New Mothers The postpartum period is an emotional time in a woman’s life. Between the joy of a new baby with personal physical and hormonal changes, it Read more
  • Pilates and Your Golf Game
    Pilates & Your Golf Game Are you planning on spending some time out on the golf course this Summer working on your golf swing? Did you know that Pilates can improve Read more
  • Pilates Guide to Knee and Hip Replacement
    Pilates Guide to Knee & Hip Replacement Balance Massage & Fitness offers Pilates classes to treat a wide variety of injuries, including hip and knee replacement. The number of hip and Read more
  • Pilates And Breast Cancer: Rebuilding The Foundation
    By PJ O’Clair Inner IDEA: A two-phase Pilates program helps breast cancer survivors regain function. Fashion designer and breast cancer survivor Sigrid Olsen began a Pilates program with me just months after Read more
  • Pilates May Help People With Fibromyalgia
     by Shirley Archer, JD, MAPilates practice is safe and effective for people with fibromyalgia and may reduce pain and improve functional status and quality of life, according to a study Read more
  • Are you or someone you know suffering with Scoliosis?
    Using Pilates To Treat Scoliosis The best clinical decision I’ve made in my 23 years of practice as a physical therapist has been to specialize in the rehabilitation applications of Pilates. Read more
  • Balance Massage and Fitness is excited to offer The MELT Method® Hand and Foot Treatments.
    What is The MELT Method? It’s the very first Hands-off Bodywork® – a simple self-treatment method that combats chronic pain, improves performance, and decreases the accumulated stress caused by the repetitive Read more
  • Gardening Tips for Avoiding Back Pain | Balance Massage & Fitness
    Gardening Tips for Avoiding Back Pain Spring is here and summer is near, its the perfect time for gardening! Join us this Saturday for the morning Mat Pilates class at 10am Read more
  • Get to know the Balance Family - Lisa Bourlon
    Many years ago I had the misfortune of being involved in a car accident. I was rear-ended while stopped at an intersection, and as a result I suffered from a Read more

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