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  • Pilates as an Extension of Physical Therapy
    Pilates is used in Leading Rehabilitation Hospitals and Physical Therapy Clinics Througho ut the Country Pilates was traditionally used by dancers for rehabilitation from injuries as far back as the 1920s. Subsequently, Read more
  • Pilates as a Back Pain Cure
    Vicky Joseph’s back pain started while she was on a training walk, preparing for a trekking holiday in Nepal. The pain got so severe that she became depressed and had to Read more
  • The Exercise–Brain Connection
    Did you know that your brain is incredibly dynamic? It can change its structure and function by adding new neurons, making new connections between neurons and even creating brand-new blood Read more
  • Strengthen Your Body Without Pain
    by Dana L. Davis, MPT More than 20 years ago in a tiny walk-up studio with creaky hardwood floors, several dancers and exercise enthusiasts would join several times each week for Read more
  • Ways to Work in Fitness during the Holidays
    For most people, early December through New Year’s is the busiest time of year. So it’s not surprising that between shopping for gifts, attending holiday gatherings, and seeing to the Read more
  • Healthy Tips for a Thinner Thanksgiving
     Enjoy the holiday feast without the guilt — or the weight gain. Thanksgiving only comes around once a year, so why not go ahead and splurge? Because gaining weight during the Read more
  • Pilates and Diabetes
    It’s no surprise that when you have diabetes keeping physically active is a crucial part in managing the disease. But it’s hard to stay motivated and committed to your fitness goals Read more
  • 6 Pilates Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk
    It’s Monday morning and many of us are headed back to the office for another busy work week.  If you are someone who is stuck at your desk for the Read more
  • Proven Benefits Of Pilates
    Did you know that Pilates continues to grow in popularity, and its practice is now familiar to people around the world? Maybe you’ve already experienced the effectiveness of Pilates or Read more
  • Fun Is Secret Ingredient
    Come to one of our Tuesday or Thursday morning Zumba classes and experience the fun of Zumba. In Zumba exercise classes, it’s all about feeling the music.By Barbara Russi Sarnataro Reviewed by Read more
  • Exercise and the Flu
    Exercise and the Flu Can exercise keep you from getting the flu this year? What if you’re already sick with flu sypmtoms? Should you push yourself to work out anyway? No one can Read more
  • Learn to Breathe Deeply
    Knowing how to take a full, deep breath is true life skill. A full breath cycle spreads life-giving oxygen throughout the body, gets rid of waste gasses like carbon dioxide, Read more
  • Pilates and Migraines
    by Karena Thek Lineback I hate to even say the word: Migraines. Many of us suffer from migraines, either as the person afflicted with them, or as a loved one. For Read more
  • Benefits Of Yoga And Pilates For Teenagers
    Over the years, yoga and Pilates each have had a tremendous positive impact on adults, however, it’s not just for grown-ups. Teenage boys and girls are now beginning to see Read more
  • A Healthy Habit For Body And Mind
    What is the one obstacle that keeps you from having the healthiest lifestyle possible? I ran a survey on my blog recently asking the same question. Most people answered that the Read more
  • Pilates Transformations
    Pilates exercise can make dramatic changes to one’s life. Our instructors are here to help you reach your goals and overcome your obstacles. Please read the following article to learn Read more

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