Benefits of Massage Following a Motor Vehicle Accident

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Benefits of Massage Following a Motor Vehicle Accident

Car Accident Recovery | Benefits of Massage

imageFollowing a car accident our muscles and ligaments throughout our spine get irritated and damaged. This creates a postural change that eventually leads early arthritis in the spine. Massage Therapy helps relax the muscles following an injury thus allowing deeper structures to heal without the constant battle between tight muscles and lack of motion in the joints. Another benefit of Massage therapy is pain reduction, studies have shown that massage helps release certain pain relieving endorphin’s throughout the body. So the next time your in the need for pain relief, before you head to the medicine cabinet, consult your Massage Therapist and ask how he/she can help.

Balance Massage + Fitness offers a Car Accident Recovery Treatment program that is comprised of a medical, outcome-based massage, which uses very specific treatment protocols targeted to the specific problem areas(s), and under a physician’s prescription. The Licensed Massage Therapists at Balance have been trained in manual therapy techniques, such as Neuromuscular Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial release, controlled stretching and hydrotherapy, which can prevent your body from becoming more aggravated by treatment and help heal these injuries.

By integrating massage as part of your treatment as soon as possible will reduce the likelihood of permanent injury and arthritis later on. Typically massage is performed at the front of a patient’s treatment at our office. As the patient responds to care we start to integrate physical therapy and reduce the passive care such as massage therapy.

Check out our massage classes we offer at Balance Massage + Fitness, located in downtown Hillsboro Oregon.

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