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Get to know the Balance Family - Lisa Bourlon

Many years ago I had the misfortune of being involved in a car accident. I was rear-ended while stopped at an intersection, and as a result I suffered from a concussion and severe whiplash, which caused me to experience constant headaches and a loss of sensation in three fingers of my left hand. I underwent extensive therapy for my injuries, and part of the treatment plan my doctor advised was therapeutic massage twice per week. The changes in my body were truly incredible! I really feel that these massage therapy treatments were what carried me through the coming months of challenging rehabilitation.

Seven years after my accident I decided to train to become a Massage Therapist myself. I wanted the chance to support people through their pain, just as I had been supported through mine, and guide them through their rehab experience with empathy. I could relate first-hand to the frustration and fatigue they were experiencing, and knew that therapeutic massage could benefit them in the same wonderful ways it had helped me.

As I went through my training, learning and practicing many of the specific techniques that would be most beneficial for injury, I began to realize that there was another important element to getting the desired result: the client needs to give permission. For the client to be able to progress effectively through the rehab process they need to understand what is involved in the treatment and be comfortable with it. So I began to see my role as Massage Therapist as a balance between helping the client to relax and educating them about their condition. When both of these were achieved, I could access very deep muscles with ease, while causing less pain, and use my skills to facilitate the natural healing process.

I founded Balance back in 2007 in a small studio here in Hillsboro. My space consisted of only two massage rooms and a large front room. Soon after opening my doors, I was approached by a Pilates Instructor from my “Mamapreneur” group who was looking for space to teach classes when I wasn’t using the studio. I agreed, and she began teaching group Pilates classes at Balance. About six months later, I was massaging a client who had a severe scoliosis and had been coming to me faithfully for her monthly massage to keep her going. This massage felt very different to our past sessions. I was able to loosen up her hypertonic muscles with much more ease and it felt as though she was toning up on her weaker side as well. I finally had to ask what she was doing differently. She told me that she had been coming to the Pilates classes at Balance for the last month, and that she had noticed a difference in her body as well. I was thrilled! Over time, I began to see amazing changes in her body as she continued to participate in these classes in addition to her massage treatments. It was then that I knew I had found the third key to Balance.

I now see our practice here at Balance Therapeutic Massage and Core Fitness Studio as a synergistic blend of these three principles: relax, educate, strengthen. Our Massage Therapists and Pilates Instructors work as a team to create a holistic picture of each client’s needs, and then use their individual skills and expertise to help that client reach their goals. We’ve been working hard recently to build up our core fitness program so that this strategy can play out in the way I’ve always envisioned. It’s been five years since that first little massage studio, and now Balance is better than ever. I can’t wait to share our new studio with you!

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